As part of Pitlochry Festival Theatre’s Shades of Tay season, Lila was commissioned write The She-Town Ballad with composer Tarek Merchant. 

“Shades of Tay is an ambitious Artistic Project by Pitlochry Festival Theatre to create, grow and nurture over 50 pieces of new art by artists and communities. We will produce this artistic voyage from 2020 to 2022 – an exciting and glorious response to the people, the places and the heritage of this rich landscape. We will also celebrate the Year of Scotland’s Coasts and Waters in 2020. Shades of Tay is a great way for PFT to start conversations about the stories we need to be telling for the next seventy years, as we approach our birthday. We want to tell stories about Scotland – with and for the people of this country and the world. We want this Artistic Project to provoke debate and inspire response that stimulates the next generation of artists.”

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